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Digital Retinal Imaging Services

Digital Imaging System at Moorestown Eye Associateseye exam Moorestown

Drs Friedman, Kong, Abbate & Schuler have acquired the latest technology in digital imaging and networking to help in the diagnosis of eye diseases. The high-tech camera is networked into each exam room so that the doctors can access digital images of your eyes during your eye examination. The doctors have used the camera to help diagnose several cases of diabetes, high blood pressure, and glaucoma. In fact, the doctors have also used this technology for "telemedicine" -transmitting photos of patients in Moorestown to doctors at CHOP and Wills Eye for those patients that required further intervention.

When you have your next annual eye examination with our eye doctors in Moorestown, NJ, you may be able to see these incredible images of your own you can see what our doctors see when they look into your eyes!

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