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NJ Sports Goggles Law

Children in NJ who participate in certain sports and need corrective lenses will be required to wear sports protective eyewear.clipart 048

  • This law effects children birth to 12th grade
  • Sports include — racquetball, squash, tennis, women’s lacrosse, basketball, women’s field hockey, badminton, paddleball, soccer, volleyball, baseball or softball, sponsored by a school, community or government agency
  • This law effects children who wear prescription glasses
  • This law does not effect children that do not wear prescription glasses or children who wear contact lenses
  • This law simply outlaws “street eyewear”, or regular standard glasses, from the playing fields
  • Protect your eyes during sports. Every 13 minutes a person in the United States goes to an emergency room with a sports related eye injury and 90% are preventable according to Prevent Blindness America
  • This law was developed by the Coalition to Prevent Sports Eye Injuries at
  • View the law online :

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