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Should I Be Concerned When My Eyelid Twitches?

We all experience the occasional eyelid twitch, which is when the muscle of the eyelid spasms involuntarily. Usually, it comes and goes without intervention and...

Signs of Eye and Vision Problems in Infants

Infant Eyesight Despite nine months of growth in utero, babies are not born with fully developed eyes and vision - just like they can't walk...

AMD Awareness Could Save Your Vision

It’s that time of the year again. Each February, the optometric community bands together to create awareness about age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is a...

Trouble Seeing at Night? All About Night Blindness

At this time of year when the sun sets early, many people are affected by night blindness. Night blindness or nyctalopia refers to difficulty seeing at...

The Sneak Thief of Sight

It’s that time of year again. January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month, a time set aside each year to create awareness about this potentially devastating...

Don’t Let Snow Blindness Ruin Your Winter Vacation

While most people have sunglasses high on their packing list for a tropical vacation, many people don’t consider it as much of a priority for...

6 Crazy Holiday Eye Injuries to Avoid

As the season to deck the halls arrives, make sure that you aren’t one of the many people who find themselves celebrating in the urgent...

10 Eye Healthy Foods to Eat This Year

The New Year is coming and many people include healthier eating and exercise in their resolutions for the year ahead. Well other than weight loss...

Do I really need to check my eyes ?

Everyone, regardless of age or physical condition, is recommended to go for regular eye exams. Thorough evaluations of your eye health and vision by Dr....

Who is affected by Glaucoma ?

We Provide Advanced Eye Care for Glaucoma Glaucoma describes a type of ocular disease that causes damage to your optic nerve and destroys your quality...

Should I have my children’s eyes checked?

Moorestown Eye Associates Helps Kids Reach the Top of the Class There’s a strong association between sharp eyesight and successful classroom learning. According to education...

How do I get Contact Lenses?

Many people love the convenience and quality vision of contact lenses. If you are interested in wearing lenses instead of eyeglasses, we’ll help you with...

Do I have the Best Vision Possible?

Our expert eye doctor, Dr. Kimberly K. Friedman, is committed to providing you with the best vision possible. He will perform a detailed eye exam...

Are Over-the-Counter Readers good enough?

If you are over 40, chances are you need reading glasses (or you will soon!). You can purchase these eyeglasses on your own from a...

How do I choose my family Optometrist ?

Moorestown Eye Associates provides much more for your eyes than eyeglasses and contact lenses! Our optometrist Dr. Kimberly K. Friedman, in Moorestown will examine, monitor,...

What’s In a Contact Lens?

Learn How Contact Lenses are Made Contact lenses are immensely popular, with a wide variety of types to fit almost every individual and their vision...

Women and Diabetes – World Diabetes Day

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. This year, the theme of World Diabetes Day is women and diabetes - our right to a healthy future....

What You Need to Know to Help World Blindness

October is World Blindness Awareness Month, an initiative started to help the public to understand the realities of visual impairment and how it affects the...

Halloween Eye Safety

October has arrived and that means many people are already starting to plan for upcoming costume parties and trick-or-treating for the Halloween season. This is...

Trouble Seeing the Fine Print? Here are Your Options…

Every good pair of eyes eventually gets old and with age comes a condition called presbyopia. Presbyopia, which usually begins to set in some time...

Aging Eyes and Driving Safety 

Even if you don’t have any eye or vision problems, the natural process of aging affects your ability to see and react to visual stimuli....

Is Your Teen Ready for Contacts?

Many teens who wear glasses are eager to try out contact lenses for convenience, fashion or to just provide another option for vision correction.

Inside a Life With Color Vision Deficiency

What’s it like to be color blind? Contrary to what the name implies, color blindness usually does not actually mean that you don’t see any...

How to Safely View the Great American Eclipse of 2017

On August 21st, for the first time since 1979, a solar eclipse will be visible across North America. What's even more historic is that it...

Are Your Eyes Sensitive to Light?

Light sensitivity, also known as photophobia, is a condition in which bright light - either natural sunlight or artificial light -  can cause significant discomfort,...

Got a Shiner!

What Exactly Is a Black Eye? A black eye, also known as a periorbital hematoma, is usually not an injury of the actual eye (which...

Cataract Awareness and Prevention

It's National Cataract Awareness Month According to the World Health Organization, cataracts are responsible for 51% of cases of blindness worldwide - although this blindness...

Are You Ignoring Your Dry Eyes?

You Don’t Have to Live With Dry Eyes Have you noticed that your eyes feel chronically dry, itchy, scratchy or even sometimes watery? Many people...

Does Smoking Affect Vision?

Eye Doctors Weigh In: How Smoking Can Harm Your Vision & Eye Health We all know that smoking is bad for you, especially the risks that...

It’s Itchy, Teary Eye Season!

Learn more about how to calm those itchy eyes with Dr. Friedman's television appearance [embed][/embed]

Happy New Year!


Even Santa loves Moorestown Eye!

008015 and we love Santa too!!

Congratulations Dr. Kong!

Doctor photo

 New Jersey's 2016 Young OD of the Year!!

click for additional photos and information

Thank You!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Dr. Les Friedman, Santa, Dr. kim Friedman, & Dr. David Kong

Been stalling on LASIK? Now’s the time!

Help us help One Love Animal Rescue on June 17th, 2015

Moorestown Eye becomes an Accredited Dry Eye Center

After extensive education about tear osmolarity and the acquisition of new state of the art equipment, Moorestown Eye is now one of the few offices in NJ to be an accredited dry eye center!

Reading and Attention Study now recruiting kids!

click here for info on the new study evaluating the effectiveness of vision therapy on reading and attention for children ages 9-13

Virtual try on new EYE COLOR CHANGING contact lenses

Check out the new Air Optix Colors.  You can even upload your own image to try out the color options.

Moorestown Eye’s On Site Edging Lab

Moorestown Eye has a state of the art edging lab in our newly expanded office!  That means glasses can now be made on site--sometimes even while you wait!

Moorestown Eye in the Print News

Click here to see Print Articles Featuring the Moorestown Eye Doctors

2013 Sunglass Styles arrive at Moorestown Eye!!

Time to get ready for spring!!  Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Ray Ban, & Juicy Couture sunglasses are arriving daily!  not to mention value line sunglasses that start at $39 ( for young kids too!- cant start too early to protect those eyes from UV Radiation!!) We even offer $40 off sunglasses for our contact lens wearers!

Ever wonder what the difference is between dollar store sunglasses and others?  Check this out...  ABC's of Sunglasses

Dr. Kimberly Friedman named NJ’s Favorite Kids’ Docs!

Celebrating 20 years!!!

Congratulations to Moorestown Eye on our 20th Anniversary and Grand Re-opening in our newly expanded, state of the art facility!

Moorestown Eye is EXPANDING!

Moorestown Eye begins a new phase!

Dr. Kimberly Friedman awarded for Television Appearances

Dr. Kimberly Friedman received the 2011 NJ Society of Optometric Physicians Communication Award at the NJSOP General Membership Meeting for her work in Public Education through televsion.  Congratulations Dr. Kim!

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Dr. Kimberly Friedman attains Fellowship

Dr. Kimberly K Friedman, FAAO has completed written case studies and an oral examination to attain the certification of "Fellowship" in the American Academy of...

Latisse Eyelash Enhancement!

Look who's growing longer, darker, fuller lashes!

Bifocal Contact Lenses WITH ASTIGMATISM correction!

For the first time, there is now an option for those over the age of 40 who need both a bifocal and astigmatism correction!  Ask...

Sports Goggles become the law in NJ